Wooded Nightmare.png

As mentioned above, this environment was inspired by a nightmare that I had a while back. Taking place in the mountains of Southern Virginia, I wanted to capture some of the old country houses that you can find in that area. Also, speaking from experience, those mountains are very unsettling at night. It seemed like the perfect location to base the project in.

Art Direction

A modular kit seemed to be the most efficient way to go forward with constructing the house for this scene, and also allowed for me to make some changes on the fly if I so desired. However, I decided to keep very close to my concept in terms of the house's architecture.

Modular Kit

Wooded Nightmare Modular Layout.png

Wooded Nightmare

Inspired by a nightmare of my own, this eerie, desolate, wooded clearing was made with a focus on modular kits and lighting.

Responsible for all aspects.

Programs: Unreal 4, Maya, Substance Painter, Photoshop 


Below is a conglomeration of the reference I used for the project. I referenced images of country houses in wooded areas, while also referencing Resident Evil VII for lighting, debris, and mood.