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The Onion House

Four different environments that I did for Corey Householder's 3D/Stop Motion film, "The Onion House." One of the environments is 3D while the others are Stop Motion sets.

3D Environment: Responsible for All aspects. 

Stop Motion Environment: Responsible for sets, but not props

Not responsible for concept

Programs: Unreal 4, Maya, Substance Painter, Dragonframe


3d Environment

Screenshot (1312).png


Screenshot (6).png
Screenshot (7).png
Screenshot (3).png


These guys were a fairly minor part of the film, but they were a ton of work! They were actual, physical puppets which I constructed from chipboard via laser cutting. Then, I rigged them together with nuts and bolts, animated them on a stop motion multi-plane and green screen. Then, we were left with the final animated sprites which I used in the Unreal scene for the opening shot and Corey used in after effects for the Stop Motion portion of the film.

Stop Motion Environments


Responsible for Vanity construction and electrical wiring



We are all very proud to announce that The Onion House has done rather well in film festivals!

  • Winner - Cine De Curios - Corpus Christi, Texas Film Festival 2020

  • Official Selection - Anarchy Film Festival at ArcLight, Hollywood 2020

  • Official Selection - BLOW-UP International Arthouse Film Fest 2019

  • Official Selection - CUTOUT Animation and Digital Art Festival 2019

  • Official Selection - Nottingham International Film Festival 2019

  • Official Selection - POFF Shorts 2019


Art Direction

Corey is nothing if not prepared. He always makes sure that he does all necessary preliminary work for a project, and he often does it with fully rendered quality as well. I went straight off of his concept art and animatic for everything that I worked on. Corey can be pretty particular about his designs, so I did my best to make the final product look as close to the concept as possible.

Concept By: Corey Householder

Behind the Scenes

It would be an understatement to say that we managed to have some fun during the delirious chaos.

These have obnoxious audio.... on purpose.