Pit Stop:

Spoopy Hands

3D Character models for Mikail Ekiz's Stop Motion film, "Pit Stop." I took direct reference from Mikail's concept art, while also looking at different types of real hands. 

Responsible for modeling and texturing.

Programs: Zbrush, TopoGun, Substance Painter

We are all very proud to announce that Pit Stop has done rather well in film festivals!

  • Best Art Direction - Portland Unknown Film Festival 2019

  • Finalist - English Riviera Film Festival 2019

  • Official Selection - New Jersey International Film Festival 2019

  • Official Selection - Buskopolis Festival of Cinematic Oddities 2019

  • Official Selection - Special Program: TNT: Terrifying, Naked & Twisted

  • Official Selection - Warsaw Animation Film Festival 2019

  • Official Selection - Independent Short Awards

Here's the Trailer (Film currently in film festivals)

Screenshot (20).png
Screenshot (21).png
Screenshot (1222).png
Screenshot (1223).png
Screenshot (1244).png
Screenshot (1245).png


Art Direction

Mikail already had all of his concept art and an animatic when he asked me if I'd like to model these guys. His drawings and sense of color and design have always been very strong and they really helped to inform the look development for his film. 

Concept By: Mikail Ekiz

Sculpting and Retopology

Due to the organic nature of the hands, I decided sculpting them in ZBrush would be the best course of action. Once the sculpts were approved I moved on to TopoGun for the re-topology.