90S kIDS

Animated short of two 90s kids who are up way past their bedtime. This was inspired by a personal experience, back when Clay Houston and I decided we were going to beat the rest of "Earthbound" in a weekend. It seems like so long ago, that I was a kid, and had no worries other than having fun and doing homework. This short film was just a personal way to kind of re-live my childhood.

Responsible for all aspects.

Programs: Maya, Substance Painter, Toon Boom Harmony



Art Direction

As I mentioned earlier, this little project was very personal and nostalgic to me. So, I wanted to do everything myself. The room and its furniture are inspired by my childhood bedroom, however I altered it quite a bit for composition's sake.

Screenshot (1105).png


Rigging is not my primary area of expertise, but knowing the basics came in handy on this project. Both characters and the controller were rigged. 

Screenshot (1019).png


I chose to do all of my texturing in Substance Painter. These guys didn't require much, in the way of realism, but Substance Painter is such a pleasure to work in, that I choose to work in it, almost exclusively. 

Screenshot (1047).png
Screenshot (1059).png